Caleb's Motivational Camp

Caleb's Camp

Caleb's Motivational FALL Camp

Caleb's Motivational FALL Camp is for male youth, 8-13 years old who embrace Fun, Activities, Learning and Leadership. Participants will experience three days of high impact instructional activities.


The CMC FALL experience will start with the campers learning interview skills, media presentations, doing a gift project for the children's hospital and perfecting the game of chess.


 Participants visit will brighten the day for youth at the children's hospital and learn historical lessons from senior citizens in the community.




Camp instructors are certified teachers who have a particular passion for youth between 8 - 13 y/o. Instructors will utilize a hands-on model in instructing for the camp.


 Camp speakers are recognizable speakers with a passion for youth. Our speakers are experts in their chosen field of endeavor.


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