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Caleb's Camp

         CALEB'S MOTIVATIONAL                        FALL CAMP                                                                       

 The Mission

The Mission of Caleb's Motivational Camp is to develop youth leaders to obtain a vision of purpose through different world experiences and preparing to lead in a multicultural community                      

    The Vision

The birth of Caleb’s Motivational Camp is the manifestation of God’s desire for young men to dream, see and obtain His promises fulfilled in their lives. The vision of the camp is to encourage physical, intellectual and spiritual strength. To activate the gifts of males ages 8 -13 years old as given by God. To promote an inate expectation to achieve. The vision of Caleb Motivational Camp is to expand the overall experience of each camper and encourage all to maintain unyielding focus, thus resulting in accomplished dreams. 

                                   The Experience

 Caleb's Motivational Camp is a leadership model camp for youth males 8-13 years old. Campers will experience instructional activities to learn " It's A Different World" for those in leadership development camps and those who "just" play all summer. Campers will explore the world of news, science, sports, preparation, spirituality, business & finance, tours and cultures. We "Develop Leaders with a Vision for a Purpose".

WHO:          Boys, 8-13 y/o leadership qualities

 WHEN:      Monday, Nov. 20 – Wed. Nov. 22, 2017


 LOCATION(FL): 1150 - 49th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 

CONTACT:                           Dexter McCree         Phone: 727-656-2615


 LOCATION(Texas):  Dallas, Texas (TBD)

CONTACT:                                Deatrich Wise, Sr.    Phone: 



 CAMP HOURS: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Step 1  From this site, go to section marked "Documents"

Step 2 Download a copy of the application, medical release, and field trip form

Step 3  Complete each form

Step 4 Enclose a $75.00 non-refundable (money order or cashiers check only)

Step 5  Send completed forms and Deposit to:

               Caleb's Motivational FALL Camp 2017

                P.O. Box 35128

                 St. Petersburg, Florida 33705

Step 6  Send an e-mail notice to to verify your registration.

 Registration Sign up begin, November 1, 2017.  For additional information, e-mail us at or call a representative at 727-350-5878 or 727-656-2615.




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c/o Caleb’s Motivational FALL Camp


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